Welcome to our new FAQ’s page.  It’s a work in progress but hopefully in time it’ll cover lots of questions we get asked regularly to save you having to email in then wait for a response.


Do you ship overseas? (inc. Republic Of Ireland)


The short answer is: Yes – but we deliberately haven’t geared the website up to do so.

Sadly, since Brexit, EU orders are now a little more in-depth than they previously were.  So, whilst we’re still happy to accept them, we’re not openly advertising it at this point just to help stem the flow a little.

If you would like to place an order to be shipped to a country within the EU, please do so as normal but during checkout you will need to use our address for billing/delivery which is:

14 Binns Close, Coventry, CV4 9TB

Once the order’s been place, please then email Mr Little Love direct on accounts@littleloveofmine.co.uk to provide your correct address details.

The site will automatically charge you our standard delivery fee of £5.95 which won’t be enough to cover an overseas delivery.  So, once packed and ready to leave, we’ll let you know the exact costings so you can arrange to pay the excess.  It’s almost impossible to predict this beforehand as, due to the style of our products, we can never really be sure what box size will eventually be used and/or how much packaging will be needed (which in turn affects the weight).

There can also be import duty and/or VAT to consider in your own country.  This is not included within our pricing structure and cannot be calculated by us.  Therefore, should it be due, you will be notified by the courier/postal service when delivering.

A tiny bit of good news though: our prices will automatically include UK VAT which is no longer a requirement when shipping to non-UK based customers.  Therefore, Mr Little Love will revise your VAT position when calculating any additional postage costs due which should ease the burden a bit.

So in summary: yes we’re happy to help, but please only purchase in the knowledge the price you pay at checkout will not be your final price due to the further calculations of postage, duty and VAT.

Any non-UK orders cancelled after payment will be subject to a £5 cancellation fee.

Non-UK returns are not accepted and any goods arriving damaged will be refunded rather than replaced (excl. postage).